Tips for thesis writings

It always leaves something very easy to do in the morning after the start of the day. The earlier you get your first hit in the day, the faster you’ll start to feel better, that’s what this principle is all about.

How to elaborate a thesis, principle 8: visible and constant progress

One of the most common problems you may encounter when writing is the feeling of inconsistent progress. Some days you will produce much, others almost nothing. This can be incredibly frustrating, and lead to a sense of lack of control.

So, you need a starting goal that you can achieve each day, easy enough to succeed every time, but big enough to do something meaningful in your progress.

It is advisable to aspire to a minimum of 500 words per day, this is easy enough to succeed every time. It feels good to meet your goals, but it feels great to overcome them.

Even more important, if you can see that progress as a reward for your effort, then you can end each day happy with what you have done. This eliminates the pressure of you, allows you to stop while you still have something to say, which you can set as a goal to perform the next morning in a simple way.

You may think that all this is a small thing, but often the small things are the ones that make the biggest difference. If you truly apply all these principles in your daily life throughout the completion of your thesis and make them part of your routine then your success will be unquestionable. If you have something to say or contribute, write it in the comments section below.