How to Write an Essay

We explain the parts that compose an essay and some tips for writing it.

What is an essay?
An essay is nothing more than a literary genre that consists of interpreting in a free way different subjects, without the need to support what is said with any documentation. The writing is free and depends on the style of each, however, also has some guidelines that we must take into consideration.

The essay is a style of writing very popular in our day, because it is not required to be a scholar to express ideas and reflections on diverse subjects.

Parts of an essay
In general, the author divides his ideas into paragraphs and everything is structured in three parts: introduction, development and conclusion.

Introduction It is the first part of the essay and consists of a sentence or paragraph that should prompt the reader to stay reading. If the text is fairly long, more than one paragraph can be written.

In this phase of the essay you can start with a question, some reflection or statistics that present the theme that the author intends to develop. You should also note the reasons why it is important to know more about it. Without being extended, it would be well if the point of view is exposed at once, so the reader will know the position that will be throughout the text.

Development During this period, the ideas that were exposed in the introduction are presented. It is recommended to divide the ideas by paragraphs to facilitate reading and to be able to organize better. It is also advisable to begin the paragraphs with a connecting word that indicates that there is coherence between the previous idea and the one that follows.

In order to enrich this process, one can make use of the description, narration or quotations of other authors (the latter in quotation marks)

“Broadly, an essay is divided into three parts: introduction, development and conclusion.”
Conclusion This is the last part of the essay and comprises a check of the idea that was exposed in the introduction. Let’s say it’s an idea a little deeper than the introduction, because we’re supposed to have thought through the whole process. It can be finished with an opinion of the writer.

This is all it takes to write an essay. We recommend that before you start organize your ideas apart, so you do not lose and you are very precise in your point of view, without ramifications that can confuse the reader.