Why Should You Buy Microliter Vials?

If you are conducting any sort of research in your laboratory, you have probably come to rely on your autosampler for a variety of tasks. Regardless of what model autosampler you use, you want to ensure that every vial in your laboratory will work well and the transfer from the vial to the sampler will go smoothly. Buying just any autosampler vial can cause failures and loss of materials, which can be an expense you simply cannot afford.

Rather than take the chance with inferior vials, microliter vials give you the secure hold and smooth transfer you need to ensure that the testing goes without issue. When you use these microliter vials in your lab, you can be assured that you can operate at peak efficiency without worrying about losing your sample. In this way, you can stay on top of your field, and ensure that your laboratory continues to get the funding it needs.

Keeping Your Expensive Samples Secure

In 1996, MicroLiter began exclusively as a company that manufactured and distributed autosampler vials to laboratories around the world. During that time, they always worked to ensure that all of their vials were of the highest quality and offered the most secure and stable performance. After operating independently for sixteen years, Wheaton purchased MicroLiter in 2012 and continued to manufacture their innovative vials.

Easier Transfer Options

Understanding that laboratories use these microliter vials to store some of their most valuable samples, Wheaton makes sure that every vial is made with the most efficient design possible. These vials are formatted to help ensure that the easiest and most efficient transfer of samples from the prep lab to the autosampler. Depending on your needs, you can find a wide variety of different vials to best assist you in your research. Most importantly, this is backed by a company with a history of success in the field and a commitment to the advancement of scientific research.

Wheaton Offers the Best

Wheaton has been manufacturing research equipment for 125 years. Their number one objective is to design and distribute the most innovative solutions for all lab research, diagnostic packaging, and pharmaceutical needs. To ensure the highest quality products and service, Wheaton operates with a strong associate participation mentality, training each of its employees with proven tools to garner success.

Though microliter vials are one of their premier products, Wheaton also works with a wide variety of other products, including cryogenics, plastic bottles, diagnostic packaging, and a variety of laboratory equipment. They have full-scale production capabilities, which ensure that they can help out both the smaller labs and those with more intensive needs.

Rather than purchasing just any autosampler vials, those who choose to buy microliter vials are committing themselves to the integrity of research and development and ensuring that all of their hard work can continue without mistake. Just as you would not buy your laboratory faulty safety equipment, it is important to make sure that all of your storage and testing equipment meets or exceeds standards. With microliter vials, you can be sure of that.